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Introducing Eat Easy: A food awards show with a difference

Tuesday Feb 18th, 2020
Posted by Sophie

From some of the people behind Drink Easy comes a new kind of food award: Eat Easy. Created by Duncan Welgemoed (Africola) and Tamrah Petruzzelli (Super Assembly), Eat Easy will champion the producers, chefs and restaurants that elevate the industry through great food and positive change. 

“Eat Easy is about showcasing real dining in Australia,” Welgemoed says. “All killer and no filler. Our recommendations tell you a story about the community these restaurants exist in and the people who work and live in them.”

Eat Easy will uncover Australia’s best restaurants, chefs and producers in a new and unique way thanks to a national team of judges led by food writer Max Veenhuyzen (Good Food, Broadsheet, Gourmet Traveller). With community and sustainability front of mind, the judges – that include Melissa Leong (MasterChef), Luke Burgess (ex-Garagistes) and Pat Nourse (Melbourne Food and Wine) – will find and celebrate the faces and places making a difference to Australia’s eating community. 

“Australia’s food landscape has changed so much over the last decade,” Veenhuyzen says. “The discussion isn’t just about whether something’s delicious or not, but whether something is sustainable, inclusive and fair. Eat Easy is a chance for the whole food community – eaters, producers, restaurant staff, the media – to pause, consider and celebrate the people and places that are leading the way in 2020. Not just in terms of food that tastes good, but food that does good. Good for country. Good for community. Good for us. Good news stories are everywhere in Australia: it’s our job as Eat Easy judges to find and share them.”

Eat Easy’s awards include Best Chef, Best Dining, Best Front of House and Best Producers. The Best Dining award is about finding exceptional food regardless of its pedigree. This means the award might go to a fine dining restaurant or a cafe, a fish and chippery or a hole-in-the-wall. The Best Dining award is based on food quality, service, atmosphere and sustainability with state finalists as well as an overall winner. For Best Chef (sponsored by Rare Medium), the judges will look for a chef who cooks original food at the highest level, is a community leader and is an ambassador for Australian dining. Front of House will focus on establishments that go the extra mile and execute the highest standard of service while supporting and educating their team within the industry.

“There is a lot more to great modern dining than fine-dining restaurants, exceptional food options, produce and service can be found everywhere from suburban cafes and chicken and chip shops to Chinatown,” Petruzzelli says. “Eat Easy is an exciting new way to discover and showcase those fantastic places that can be overlooked.”  

Another exciting element to Eat Easy is its five Producer categories including Red Meat (sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia), which will be judged by Welgemoed, food and wine writer Tony Love and butcher and farmer Richard Gunner. Other Producer categories are: Grown (produce in its natural state, e.g. fruits, vegetables), Wild Harvested (product harvested from its natural environment, e.g. fish, bugs), Made (natural produce that has been intervened for alternative purpose, e.g. cheese, flour, smallgoods, oil, honey) and Bred (any product that has been raised, e.g. chicken, pork). 

With the Producer categories, Eat Easy is searching for produce that tastes outstanding from producers actively invested in minimising environmental impact. Producer entries are now open, for more information go to: eateasy.com.au. 

Ultimately, East Easy is dedicated to improving Australia’s eating environment through celebrating and encouraging sustainability, connection to community and minimising the impact on the environment. It is a reset button that will show the best of food culture. Eat Easy will announce the winners in July. 

Eat Easy, Sleep Better


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