What are the categories?

Eat Easy consist of 6 awards: Best Neighbourhood Dining, Best Emerging Front of House, Best Emerging Chef, Best Producer - Grown, Best Producer - Made, Best Producer - Land, River & Sea. 

What is the difference between the best produce awards?

Grown: Any produce item which is in its natural state (e.g. fruits, vegetables, nuts, lentils, beans, seeds, herbs, legumes) and native ingredients (wattleseed, lemon myrtle etc).

Made: Any natural produce item that has been intervened for an alternative purpose (e.g. cheese, flour, smallgoods, yogurt, jams, honey, oil, cured produce, baked goods, jerky).

Land, River & Sea:
Land: Any produce item that has been bred for consumption or any byproducts of those animals (e.g. Beef, lamb, buffalo, kangaroo chicken, pig, duck, quail, rabbit, camel or eggs).

River & Sea: Any produce item that has been caught or harvested from the ocean (e.g. fish, oysters, sea urchin, seaweed, abalone, crustaceans, octopus ).


If you are unsure of what category your produce falls in, please contact [email protected]

What is the judging process for best produce awards?

Producers must register their product via the website.

Eat Easy entry is $25.

For produce: we ask our producers to submit firstly by sending us through a information pack about their individual product for our judges to look through, once our judges have picked the top produce items from each category, we will ask the producer to send their products to our judging panel to be evaluated. 


All other categories are judged upon a series of questions answered and submitted, for our judging team to assess.

Can I edit my entry once submitted?

Yes. You will have to email [email protected] who will do this on your behalf.

I haven’t received a confirmation that my submission has gone through, what do I do?

Confirmation of application will be sent via email, however if you don't receive confirmation within 3 business days, please email [email protected]

How long do I have to send my produce in?

Please send them to Africola:



Delivery Dates: Thursday 6th October - Friday 7th October 2022, between 11am - 4pm

Please note all deliveries must be made within these days and packaged according to our Terms & Conditions.

How many products per entry do I need to send in?

Two serving unit.

Will my produce be frozen at any point of the process?

No! We require your produce a minimum of a day before judging to ensure the highest quality control. 

What is your preferred method of couriering and logistics?

All entries are to be delivered via a suitable and appropriate food transport vehicle, which is temperature controlled in accordance with the Food Standard Australia New Zealand guidelines, which include keeping the food protected from contamination and, if the food is potentially hazardous, keeping it cold (5 degrees celsius or colder). Eat Easy has no preference for a particular courier service however all produce must be delivered to these standards otherwise it will not be judged.

When and where will the results be released?

At the awards party on November 24th 2022. Tickets & more information will be released closer to the date.

What is the cost to enter Eat Easy awards?

All submissions for Eat Easy are $25.

If a producer is listed as a finalist, the cost of freight for judging is additional. 

What are the perks of entering Eat Easy?
  • Some of the money will go to a charity, as a percentage of all profits will be kept as a fund to be donated to the cause of Eat Easy’s choosing. The recipient of the donation will be in keeping with the fundamental values of Eat Easy and will have a focus of environmental and community benefit.

  • The chance to win a Smeg appliance.

  • An invite to Eat Easy Awards party to celebrate with peers in the industry. 

  • Media exposure via Easy Mag to award winners.

  • Future collaborative opportunities at Eat Easy events, showcases etc.

  • Recognition by world renowned chefs.

  • Edited and endorsed tasting notes and feedback for each submission that each producer can use for any purpose.

  • Each category winner will receive an award from Eat Easy.

  • Interviews and editorial on

  • Inclusion in the National Tasting/Events program throughout 2022 as well as the Awards party.

  • Branded digital assets provided to the finalists and winners as well as social media coverage across all Eat Easy platforms and national media platforms.

Are you the same guys who do Drink Easy?

Yes! Our sister brand Drink Easy is a celebration of Australian drinks and the culture around brewing, distilling and fermenting. Eat Easy similarly celebrates the Australian food culture by encouraging sustainability, community connection and minimising environmental impact.

Can judges or directors win any awards?

Judges or directors who have financial or personal interests will not be eligible for any award. 

How can I become a sponsor?

Please contact Tamrah Petruzzelli; [email protected]

Who do I speak to if I have a question?

Please contact [email protected]

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